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Is TDD a Silver Bullet?

I recently read this post by Jeff Langr and really appreciated the comments made by his previous co-worker, Tim. Tim clearly was not sold on TDD right from the beginning, but his comments, after being encouraged to do it for... Continue Reading →

Rhino Mocks Isn’t Complicated

I've heard multiple people state that they prefer Moq over Rhino Mocks because the Rhino Mocks syntax isn't as clean. I'd like to help dispel that myth. It is true that, if you choose the wrong syntax, Rhino can be... Continue Reading →

SOLID Code for SOLID Reasons

We should write good code because good code is easy to maintain, not because it makes the code easier to unit test. However, it just so happens that well written code is easy to unit test; and testing our code,... Continue Reading →

The Err of Business Analysts

First, let me say, I'm sorry to the Business Analysts (BAs) who may stumble upon this post, I'm sure you will have lots of disagreements with my assertions. I read this article on InfoQ this morning and it made me... Continue Reading →

Customer Affinity

I liked Martin Fowler's article on Customer Affinity that he recently retreaded. I've worked places before where the developers were not allowed to talk to the customers and were required to work through BAs. I learned then that business analysts... Continue Reading →


"Simplicity is a great virtue but it requires hard work to achieve it and education to appreciate it. And to make matters worse: complexity sells better." - Edgsger Dijkstra (1972 Turing Award winner)

VS11 Fakes Framework

It seems to me that Microsoft still doesn't quite understand the serious TDD culture.  I recently saw an InfoQ article entitled VS11 Gets Better Unit Testing Tools, Fakes Framework. My assumption is that the word "better" in that title applies... Continue Reading →

Code Simply

I've been coding for a quite a while. Unfortunately, I spent a lot of my career not realizing I was writing bad code. A few years ago, I think I started to learn what it really means to write good... Continue Reading →

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