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Jim Cooper

@jimthecoop I have been a software engineer for more than 20 years. I love software craftsmanship, lean processes and simple code ( I am now a software engineer for Pluralsight and absolutely love my job! I love being surrounded by passionate engineers who I'm constantly learning from.

Politics and Processes

tldr; Having an unhealthy culture creates a lot of unnecessary rigor and process for development and product teams. When upper management learns to truly trust everyone who works for them it unleashes an incredible amount of power and efficiency for... Continue Reading →

Git Aliases and Commands

Aliases Here are a bunch of Bash Aliases I like to use. I stole these from Josh Egan. He has a great Git Cheatsheet. Commands Here are some interesting git commands: Simple Graph of commits: git log --graph --decorate --oneline

Linux Commands

I plan to add to this as I find some handy linux commands:

Honesty and Credibility

There are a lot of things that affect the success of your career, but few things affect it as much as credibility -- and there are few things that affect our credibility as much as our ability to be honest.... Continue Reading →

Agile Today

In February of 2001, seventeen people gathered at Utah's Snowbird lodge to discuss software. They were a diverse group, some with competing interests, some of whom admitted that it seemed unlikely that they would "ever agree on anything substantive." While... Continue Reading →

Understanding Javascript Prototypes

Tip: If you'd prefer to learn this same content from my Pluralsight course instead, check out: Javascript Objects and Prototypes Never heard of prototypes in JavaScript? Heard of them but still don't quite understand them? Hopefully this post will help... Continue Reading →

Understanding JavaScript Objects

Tip: If you'd prefer to learn this same content from my Pluralsight course instead, check out: Javascript Objects and Prototypes Sometimes I think JavaScript is a very misunderstood language. I think this stems from the fact that a lot of... Continue Reading →

A Nod to Professionalism

When did our industry make the transition to one where foul language, off-colored women-demeaning jokes, and illicit drug glorification became a respectable and celebrated medium for talking about software practices? Did I miss something? An announcement or white-paper suggesting the... Continue Reading →

Right-Sized Methodology

In a recent agile round-table meeting that I attended in Salt Lake, Mike Clement (@mdclement) suggested that we often tend to lose focus of the original goals of Agile as laid out in the Agile Manifesto.  I have to say,... Continue Reading →

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