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@jimthecoop I have been a software engineer for more than 20 years. I love software craftsmanship, lean processes and simple code ( I am now a software engineer for Pluralsight and absolutely love my job! I love being surrounded by passionate engineers who I'm constantly learning from.

New Course! React Quick Start: A Fast Start including React Hooks

I’ve released a new course on Udemy: React Quick Start: A Fast Start including React Hooks! This is a great course for experienced web developers looking to quickly get up to speed with React, or for newer developers who want a... Continue Reading →

New Next.js Course! React 18 with Next.js Playbook

I’ve released a new Next.js course: React 18 with Next.js Playbook! In this course, you’ll learn how to build React applications using Next.js. I cover the following topics: A React Primer Getting Started with Next.js Creating components with Next.js Styling components... Continue Reading →

New Course! Angular Best Practices

I've released a new course: Anglar best Practices! In this course, you’ll learn all the key Angular Best Pracitces including the best practices recommended in the Angular Style Guide. Here's what I cover in the course: Application structure and organization General... Continue Reading →

New Course! State Management with Vuex

I’ve published a new Pluralsight course : State Management with Vuex! In this course you'll learn all about how to manage state in your Vue.js applications using Vuex. I cover the following topics: Creating a Vuex store Storing and retrieving state... Continue Reading →

New Course! JavaScript Objects, Prototypes and Classes

I’ve published a new Pluralsight course : JavaScript Objects, Prototypes and Classes! This is a newer version of my JavaScript Objects and Prototypes course and includes a more in depth look at JavaScript Classes. In this course I unravel the mystery... Continue Reading →

New Course! Vue.js Fundamentals

I’ve released a new course: Vue.js Fundamentals! In this course, you’ll learn all of the fundamentals of working with one of my favorite frameworks: Vue.js. I cover the following topics in this course: Getting started with the Vue.js CLI Creating Vue.js... Continue Reading →

New Course! Angular Fundamentals

Joe Eames and I have released a new course: Angular Fundamentals! In this course, you’ll learn all of the fundamentals of developing applications with Angular including: Getting started with angular Creating and communicating between Angular components Exploring the Angular template syntax... Continue Reading →

Politics and Processes

tldr; Having an unhealthy culture creates a lot of unnecessary rigor and process for development and product teams. When upper management learns to truly trust everyone who works for them it unleashes an incredible amount of power and efficiency for... Continue Reading →

Git Aliases and Commands

Aliases Here are a bunch of Bash Aliases I like to use. I stole these from Josh Egan. He has a great Git Cheatsheet. Commands Here are some interesting git commands: Simple Graph of commits: git log --graph --decorate --oneline

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