I’ve published a new Pluralsight course : JavaScript Objects, Prototypes and Classes! This is a newer version of my JavaScript Objects and Prototypes course and includes a more in depth look at JavaScript Classes. In this course I unravel the mystery around JavaScript Prototypes and teach you everything you need to know to work with JavaScript objects and properties including an in-depth understanding of how prototypes work in JavaScript. Here are some of the topics covered:

  • Using object literals
  • Using JavaScript constructor functions
  • Using Object.create()
  • Accessing properites with bracket notation
  • Modifying the writable, enumerable, and configurable attributes on properties
  • Understanding the basics of prototypes
  • A deep understand of how prototypes work
  • Creating inheritance chains with protoypes
  • Creating objects with JavaScript classes
  • Using inheritance wwith JavaScript classes
  • Creating getters and setters with JavaScript Classes
  • Using static properties in with JavaScript Classes

Check it out over at Pluralsight!